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Ohms LawThis is the most basic formula in the electronic world.
CoilCoil reactance at a given frequency.
CapacitorCapacitor reactance at a given frequency.
Decibel (dB)Decibel - Gain (Voltage & Power). [Amplifiers, Attenuators]
Thermal Resistance (°C/W)Thermal design and cooling of components. [Heatsinks]
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)Impedance mismatch (Watt, Resistance, Voltage). [Transmission Lines]
Wave Lenght (λ)Wave Lenght of a Frequency. [Antennas]
Overclocking (CPU)How much power do an overclocked cpu use. [Overclocker]
Tau (τ**)Time constant based on RC (63,2%).
Filters*Low Pass, Band Pass & High Pass Filters, 1st/2nd order.
Circuits*Clock generator, charge / discharge capacitor (Tau).
Misc. dBMiscellaneous dB (dBµV-Voltage*, dBm-milliWatt, dBW-Watt).

Menu items with a * is not yet written.
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(EE-tool is still in Alpha development)

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